Why do I need an agent to buy a house if I can find a home by myself on the Internet?

Many people begin their home buying process by searching out listings on the Internet. That’s an excellent way to get a feel for the market and how much your money will buy. However, we believe that using a real estate agent will improve your opportunity to purchase the right house at the right price. The real estate agent can point out potential problems in a house that should be considered in the price negotiation. The agent can help you negotiate the sale and construct a contract that offers you the right protections. Finally, real estate agents can help you arrange financing, complete the paperwork and assure that your deal will go to a successful closing.

What is the best way to find a real estate agent?

Start by talking to people you know. Friends, relatives, or neighbors who have recently purchased a home can give you up-to-date information about an agent’s abilities. Once you have a list of names, make an appointment to meet each candidate. Ask questions about their experience in the community and as an agent. Ask about availability you will need to trust your real estate agent. Once you are sure that a candidate has the right credentials and experience, ask yourself if you will feel comfortable and confident working with the person.

How do I figure out how much my home is worth?

Although there are standard methods for determining a house’s value, everything is an estimate until you get an offer that you will sell for. Housing prices fluctuate based on many factors so that your house may be worth much more or less, depending upon housing inventory, interest rates, and the local economy, for example.

What are the standard ways to determine how much a home is worth?

There are two typical methods: a comparative market analysis and an appraisal.

Market Analysis – Your real estate agent can provide a comparative market analysis which is an estimate based on the selling price of comparable homes in your or similar neighborhoods.
Appraisal – A certified appraiser visits the home to verify basic information such as number of rooms, square footage and evaluate improvements, condition and neighborhood. The appraiser combines his inspection results with a review of recent comparable sales to determine the estimated value of the home.

Do I really need an agent to sell my house?

A real estate agent professional can help you set the selling price and prepare your home for sale. The agent can also offer your home to the widest range of prospective buyers through the local Multiple Listing Service (MLS).

Most home sellers do hire real estate agents to list and sell their homes. Some people, known as FSBOs (For Sale By Owner) advertise and sell their homes themselves. Most FSBOs eventually hire an agent to handle the legal and financial aspects of a successful home sale.

What should I do to get my house ready for sale?

Your home’s appearance is very important. Make sure it is in the best condition possible to attract the highest bids. You should de-clutter the rooms, make minor repairs and, clean until everything shines. Outside, cut the grass, weed the garden and trim the hedges.

Think carefully before making major improvements. While kitchen and bath improvements can enhance the price, many other improvement projects may not be worth it. Of course, if you need to make a major repair such as a roof leak, foundation crack or septic system problem to make the house “saleable,” get it done.

What makes a house sell?

There are factors that influence house sales: sale price, the terms of sale, the condition of your house, its location, its accessibility, and marketing exposure your house receives. You can actively control over influence a number of these factors such as terms and house condition.

When is the best time to list a house for sale?

If you have decided to sell your house, the best time to put it on the market is right now so that you will have as much time as possible to sell it. You will have time for exposure to more prospective buyers and toconsider alternatives if the market is slow.

What is “curb appeal”?

” Curb appeal” is real estate jargon for the way your house looks from the street. The better your house and property look, the more curb appeal it has. Curb appeal generates buyer traffic.

One of the hallmarks of curb appeal is neatness. Mow the lawn, trim the hedges, touch up the trim and add some flowers to your setting. Your presentation will incite potential buyers to stop in and have a look.

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